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    Zhejiang Bosun New Material & Tech Co., Ltd

    Zhejiang Bosun New Material & Tech Co., Ltd is committed to developing simple, safe and environmentally friendly packaging-type POE materials. Since the establishment, we have always adhered to the core of product quality safety and technological innovation, introducing domestic and international leading production lines. Also we have built a 100,000-level purification workshop with GMP standards, modern technology research and development center, and well-equipped precision Product Quality Testing Center, to fully satisfy customers' needs.

    Bosun's parent company, Goldstone Packaging Co. Ltd,  has more than 20 years’ experience for research and development, and production management in POE materials, with domestic leading technology. Bosun itself has taken the lead in China in developing Aluminum foil POE series products. Aluminum foil POE series products developed by Bosun has obtained a number of patent certificates and can be widely used in packaging of milk powder, seasoning powder, coffee powder and dried fruit, and can also be applied to high-temperature cooking sterilization food cans such as meat, vegetables and fruits. This kind of products have the advantages of safety, convenience, material saving, exquisite design and diversification, and have become a standard POE product for international metal food cans, The domestic industry standard for Aluminum foil POE led and drafted by our company in 2014 has been implemented, which has filled the blank of domestic unified technical standards for POE products.


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